Kids in Prison

First of all I want you to know that I am not aprofessional in the fields of psychology or criminology. Myeducation is from 40 years of studying people and being in thestreets. I have no formal training or lab experience but onlythe experience of the streets.
I am trusted by these peoplebecause I treat them as equals not as specimens. I also care.Also I am not easily conned. In my day I did some conning andyou can not con a con. I deal with addicts and those who aredown and out. I deal with street people.
I am nowgetting involved with convicts who are guilty and those who areinnocent of the crimes they are serving time for. I havelearned a lot about life and about people who are in prison. I have learned a lot about the system and its down side which in mostcases is its only side.
Putting kids in an adult prison ischild abuse. There is no excuse for it. No one under theage of 21 should be in an adult prison. The youth prisonersshould be segregated base on their violent tendencies. Not theviolence of the crime committed.
A child who murderedtheir abuser may not be a violent child. If a child or a spouseis abused physically they may not be able to defend themselves while being abused. They are always in danger of losing their liveswhile the abuser is awake. The only time they can act is whenthe abuser is asleep. It is still self defense.
Ifthe mother is being attacked by the abusing parent and the child getsa gun and kills them it is not only defending the mother but also themselves because the odds are that they will be next. The same goes of the mother and with siblings.

Protecting thelives of yourself and family members is not a crime.
We areborn with a good side and a bad side. Like in the cartoons witha devil and an angel looking like the character we many times have internal strife. With some of us good wins most of the time andto others bad wins most of the time. With others it may be50/50.
What happens to us in life can help either sideprevail. It depends on what happens and how strong one sideis.
We are in a constant state of change. The change maybe good or bad depending on what is happening to us. In mostcases a person who is a criminal may be rehabilitated no mater howold and how bad. The problem in prison is that the powers that be do not want the prisoners rehabilitated. They want to keepthe revolving door working and the prisoners coming back. They make money off the prisoners. In many cases they are just meanpeople who are worse that those they are guarding.
To chargechildren as adults is wrong however the juvenile courts are alsofailing to do the job of rehabilitating. If a 16 year old goes to a youth facility they will be out when they are 18. They maynot be ready.
In the case violent crimes there should be aminimum and maximum as there is with the adult system no matter what the age. The youth facility must work with the prisoner's mental health and with rehabilitation. The prisoners must betrained for the world they will be put into and they should go tohalfway houses to prepare for their entry into society.
Everyyear the prisoner should be evaluated by people who know what they are doing and care about what they are doing. If it is decided to give the prisoner parole that they should go into a release program that makes sure that they can make it. They will go on work release, (possibly halfway house.) Next they should be given a support group and a parole officer who cares.
The youth facilities should be closeto the adult prisons and the youthful offenders should be givenmentors from the adult prison. These would be adult prisonerswho want to help youthful offenders go strait. They could write to each other and they could meet in support groups at the adultprison.
Children sell drugs and commit crimes because they know that they will not spend time in prison. They know that they may spend a short time in a youth facility but to them it isworth it and it improves their rep in the streets. In somecases boot camps work but in some cases they do more harm than good.
We need other options but trying them as adults is notone of them.
I am going to have web pages for youthful offenders. For those who would like to contribute the site please e-mail me at leegaylord@kidsinprison.netIf you have a child who has been tried as an adult and you want their story told write it and e-mail to the above address along with a picture of the child. If you have a friendwho has a child in that situation please contact the parents and either you or them e-mail the story and picture to me.

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