Daniel Carter

15 year old who is going through what no child should.

Daniel made a mistake according to the State of Florida and the powers that be want him to spend the rest of his like in prison.

What did Daniel do?  He defended himself.

The prosecutor and all of those who are trying to put Daniel in an adult prison for a life sentence are child abusers of the worst kind.  The are punishing him for doing the unthinkable.  Defending himself against his violent uncle.  To them a child has no right to defend himself when he is being abused by an adult.  They are the ones that should go to prison.

Daniel's uncle came into the house drunk and on Steroids and Valium.  His uncle, who was a black belt, beat him and
when Daniel tried to call 911 his uncle grabbed the phone and tore it out of the wall. He had threatened to cut his testicles off.  While being beaten Daniel grabbed a machette  and killed his uncle.

THIS IS SELF DEFENSE NOT MURDER.  The uncle was out of control and had the ability to beat Daniel to death.  He could not fight the man off of him.  

This young man does not belong in prison.  He needs help not for what he did wrong because he did not do anything wrong. What he did was save his own life.  He needs help to cope with what happened.

Daniel is now in Escanbia County Jail awaiting trial for First Degree Murder.

Daniel got lucky – The jury aquitted him but the damage was already done

A letter from Daniel Carter

Friends of Daniel (Yahoo Group)  Join this group to help.  There is a wealth of information there.

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